A Touch of Help makes finding a babysitter easier than ever. Our babysitters are available 24/7 including statutory holidays. Getting started is easy:



Let us do the work of finding the best fit nanny candidates for your family and you choose which one you want to work with at the end!

Fees & Rates

Booking Fees

A non-refundable booking fee of $25.00 (taxes not included) will be charged to each babysitting service. All bookings and premium membership shown below does not include babysitters hourly rate and does not include applicable taxes. If families plan to book a sitter with A Touch of Help multiple times per month/year, follow our package deals and save!

5 Bookings
1 booking FREE (included)
Must be used within 6 months of first service
10 Bookings
3 bookings FREE (Included)
Must be used within 6 months of first service
15 Bookings
3 bookings FREE (included)
Must be used within 9 months of first service
Premium Membership
UNLIMITED Bookings For 1 Year!

Lower Hourly Rates

1 Free 'Meet and Greet' With a Babysitter Included.

Must be used within one year of first service

Hourly Rates

1, 5, 10, or 15 Booking Deals
(3 hours minimum)

$ 19 Per Hour

Premium Membership
(3 hours minimum)

$ 16.80 Per Hour

Additional Rates

*Additional rates are added to the babysitter’s hourly rates 

  • Additional Children (4 or more children) $5/child
  • Night Shift (11pm - 5am) Additional 10%
  • Overtime and Statutory Holiday Time and a half


At A Touch of Help, our babysitters go through extensive interviewing in order to work with us. We require credentials such as CPR/ first Aid certificates, criminal background and vulnerable sector checks, babysitter’s course, experience in childcare as well as references related to childcare.  When we hire our babysitters, we want to make sure we hire people who love and enjoy what they do.

At A Touch of Help, our job is to help make childcare easier and more accessible to families. Our babysitters come to you, and provide safe and optimal care for your children all in the comfort of your own home. We can provide care whether it be early mornings, late evenings, or weekends/holidays. A Touch of Help is here for your family.

Once you have purchased a Booking Fee or Premium Membership, you will have access to our app, which has all our babysitters listed along with biographies of each sitter. This helps with getting to know who you will be meeting, and picking the right fit babysitter for each family.  

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